Dauphiné Ravioli

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Dauphiné Ravioli

The Dauphiné ravioli: to taste during your stay at the hotel

Dauphine Ravioli: A Culinary Journey

Not to be missed, this tasty, small and unique ravioli dates back to 1228. Consumed during the Middle Ages in the region of Dauphiné, it survived down the centuries before making a remarkable comeback in top restaurants during the 60s.  Since then, its notoriety has continued to grow. Made using soft, durum wheat flour and carefully selected ingredients, it was awarded the Label Rouge and an IGP (Indication Géographique Protégée, a Protected Geographical Indication). This beautiful culinary experience is just 25 minutes from our hotels… and waiting to be slipped into your bags. Feast yourselves! 

Found at : You can find this raviole in the Saint-Jean shop, a 20-minute drive from our ACE Hotel Valence.

Boutique Saint Jean
44 avenue des Allobrogues