Crussol Castel

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Crussol Castel

Crussol: castle to discover during your stay at the hotel

Château de Crussol: an open air discovery

Perched on a rocky promontory opposite the city of Valence, the imposing ruins of the Château de Crussol dominate the Rhône valley and captivate the gaze. Each stone tells the story of hundreds of years of history, battles, and quests for power. At its peak during the XII and XIV centuries, close to six hundred inhabitants lived on the three hectares of the city walls. You can just imagine the various different quarters for knights, blacksmiths, weavers, bakers, etc. Go to the summit and, like a guardsman, scan the unobstructed view from this highly strategic position.

Found at : The Crussol Castle is less than 15 minutes drive from our ACE Hotel Valence.

Château de Crussol
Chemin de Beauregard,
07130 Saint-Péray